Goodnight Moon on 2013 favorites list

The Manicured Mermaid would like to thank for choosing Goodnight Moon as one of her favorite nail polishes of 2013. I was giddy to see that! Thank you so much for loving the polish that I came up with and was made by Amy. To see that Literary Lacquers had more than one polish on that list was even more awesome. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was on my 2013 favorites list also :)

You can read the entire review here:

Just jump! & Amy’s birthday :)

I’ve been after starting this blog for ages now and this year I am trying to make changes in my life. You know, do all of those “someday” things, change bad habits and learn some new good ones. And thank goodness I have some amazing friends that are encouraging me to do all of these things!

You won’t ever see perfection here, but you will see lots of heart, and a passion for nail polish that can’t be denied. My photos need improvement, sometimes my nails insist on growing crooked and lots of times my clean up isn’t as good as I think it is. 😉 But if nothing else I am determined.

You’ll find I don’t follow the classic hand poses. I like to experiment with photos of what hands look like in everyday life because that is how you are going to see your polish isn’t it? Holding a dish towel or a hair brush, hands resting on a table or grasping the mail, let’s just run with it. :)

My first polish post has to naturally be about the one and only glitter whisperer Amy Milder at Literary Lacquers. The polish I want to show you today is Greatest Treasures.
I am a sucker for a blinging holographic I admit, but it also has to have fire, and depth.
Does it make your heart go “boom boom”, do you find yourself staring at your nails at the store, while waiting in traffic or using your phone? You will with Greatest Treasures.


See how the linear holo runs the entire length of the nail?! There is no dragging or balding with this polish, no special base needed and almost full coverage in one coat. That is true love my friend. This is under regular ceiling light, I wish I had caught it outside under full sunlight but then you’d have to shade your eyes, and it wasn’t sunny back when I took these photos anyway. LOL

Amy is having a birthday this month (pssst yes her birthday is all month and that’s that) and today she is releasing her Limited Edition 40th birthday polish with only 40 numbered bottles available, here is hoping that you score a bottle of Amnesia Euphoria Ecstasy! You can see some fab swatches of it over here at —->  Amnesia Euphoria Ecstasy I aspire to take photos that great!

Also check out Amy’s website at Etsy for all of her amazing quality polishes that are based on some of her favorite books, and hopefully some of yours too!
She also has a wonderful Facebook group for discussing our favorite books and you can even talk about polish there too, how can you top that? Ask to join here —> Literature (&) Lacquer

IMG_20121209_192235I leave you with a fire in shadow shot of Greatest Treasures and hope you decide to join me on my polish adventures.

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo