Frank from Sweden!!

Hello my gorgeous little starfishies!!

I am sorry for my absence but the reason is boring so onward we go :)
Today I am featuring a beautiful franken sent to me by my friend Camilla aka @bookpolish on IG. Go look her up and follow her, she has the most beautiful and “natural” nails I’ve ever seen. She made this lovely polish to send me in a swap and I won’t tell you what else she sent me because you’d die of jealousy, or come rob me. haha I’ve named the polish Katydid Dance. It has the most beautiful pink shimmer that I just couldn’t catch with my lens and that’s a shame!
20140126_171430 While sharing these I just want to say how excited I am about all of the Facebook fans I’ve gained this week through NailNation3000 and I definitely intend to keep spreading the love around after the contest is over. I am thinking of making it a weekly thing maybe on Wednesdays and call it Blog Hug Wednesdays because who doesn’t need a hug by then hmm? CYMERA_20140126_174757Also I think as soon as we have reached 1,000 here at the lagoon we should do a contest because that is a huge milestone, so contest and giveaway party time then eh?!
Notice how my ring finger nail and pinkie nail are wanting to grow to the right? And even though the cuticle pen says Obey Your Body they aren’t listening? Ugh. Maybe I will rubber band them the way people do plants LOL

20140126_180225I really like this shot I am trying to get better at macro shots and wow you see every single flaw in them don’t you? I am also getting these stubborn strips of nail that want to grow down in the groove on each side? Driving me batty as it looks like I did a shoddy job of clean up but nope my nail is just weird 😀
20140126_171804I think the polish matches really well with the little turtle on my coffee cup from Hawaii don’t you?

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Until next time
Tail Flip!! xxoo