Sephora Formula X Shifter Grandiose

Hi dear readers! I have been really under the weather lately and at such a bad time too!
So before I start be sure to run over and give some love to my girl Aylin at Posh Nail Art and show her some love! Also check the post before this one for an awesome giveaway that is almost over!

Today I have a gorgeous polish for you to run and buy, especially if you love shifters or duochromes the way that I do. I do love my holo’s but duo’s are still my first love, I suppose because they are so unpredictable like me. LOL
When I first heard about these to be truthful I wasn’t overly excited because I’ve never really been a fan of Sephora by OPI. But I was at the Mall with my son and I saw Sephora calling to me like a beacon “Coooooome, spend moneyyyyyy.” LOL And I was lured in like a wide eyed child.

I do love my makeup honey child, but you know I went straight to those shiny new bottles! Speaking of the bottle…….I don’t know, do they seem to have the need to have a weird shaped bottle or what?  Give me a normal bottle already that fits in with my others, not a round fat one, or an hour glass shaped one and this tombstone bottle?
I have a dear friend who wouldn’t even buy their polish in the bottles previous to these, we girls want what we want right?

I first looked at their holographics, they aren’t anything to write home about but they do have a nice linear holo in them. In my opinion not worth the $12.50 when so many indie makers are putting out holo’s that will make you weep for $10!

I ended up with Grandiose to bring home and try. It is a rose and bronze metallic and I normally would have went for Iconic which is a green and copper metallic but I have a lot of green duochromes so here is Grandiose……………….

20131102_170104I am in LOVE! Twitterpated is a good word here. This formula was so nice to work with and the brush is perfect for pushing these metallic pigments around smoothly. But the shift OH the shift! It is almost fluid they way it moves. I live in Alaska and the way this shifts reminds me of the Northern Lights, not in color of course but in movement. Behold in these next photos, the dance of Grandiose! I WILL be going back to snag Iconic and Infamous ASAP!

20131101_233831In some of these photos you can see on my index finger some bubbles. These were not the fault of the polish but of my doing. I’d had bubbles for the first time in the last of my three manicures and I was about to scream over it when I finally figured out it was my ceiling fan! Argh, there are many reasons for bubbles and not knowing the cause will drive a girl nuts!

20131101_234240My favorite photo by far. Look at the dance! I love the placement of the shift here on the ring, middle finger and thumb! Do a jig with me!! LOL :p

20131102_002352Candied ginger anyone? I was eating it in the car on the way home when I realized how pretty it was next to my nails. I love color so much!

20131102_00252920131101_234037Which photo was your favorite? Just a few things before I go……………..
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
Stop back by in a few days for some swatches of Bunnies Are Evil by MckFresh a lovely Aussie polish creator. And the name makes me laugh my ass off. HA!
And keep an eye out for swatches of my collaboration polish with Amy from Literary Lacquers called Goodnight Moon, along with some swatches of the rest of the Community Collection she just released that is jaw dropping.

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo


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