Literary Lacquer is serving Dandelion Wine………….

5663085858_a869775d33_oThis polish is inspired by Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, specifically this amazing evocative passage:

” Dandelion wine.
The words were summer on the tongue. The wine was summer in a bottle. It was all the warm afternoons and the cloudless skies, stoppered tight; to be opened, said the label, on a January day with snow falling fast. To be drunk, was the intimation, when the sun had gone unseen in thirty-nine days. Then let those who seek after summer tiptoe with stealth into the dim twilight nether world of the cellar and put up a hand.

There row upon row, with the soft gleam of flowers open at morning with the light of a June sun glowing through a faint skin of dust, lies the dandelion wine. Uncork it, hold it up, peer through it at the wintry day. The snow is melted to grass, the trees are reinhabited with bird, leaf and blossom, like a continent of butterflies breathing on the air. The sky is colored from grey to blue. Take a great sniff of the wine and change the season in your veins by the simple expedient of raising the glass to your lips and tilting summer in.”

I read this book because after reading this passage above how could you not?
The words poetry, and I know, because I yearn for summer like this! I almost want to weep at the emotion in this incredible story. How many of us have not traipsed through a field of dandelions? Blown them away at summer’s end while making a wish and believing with all of our hearts that it would come true. :) I want to feel the sticky sap of the crushed stems on my hand as I doze in the sunshine and make dandelion crowns.

I wish I could do this polish justice and I know if you are despairing of summer already you will want to wear this polish right now like I am, and relive it just one more time. :)
20131029_16020220131029_15462820131029_15461820131029_15461220131029_15431820131029_154138Grab your own bottle of Dandelion Wine here at Literary Lacquers and hang onto summer just a little bit longer.

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo


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