It’s a Birthday Party, and a special invitation!


OUR group Lacquered with Love is ONE year old!! As you know mothers are PROUD of their babies FIRST birthday and we are no less proud of ours. Just like one year old’s we fall down and then get back up, we laugh, we cry, and we chat, A LOT! We are not your average swapping group where you will get stuff from the Dollar Store! We don’t even call it a swap, we call it a “gift exchange” and when you receive a package from one of our ladies it will have some thought as well as love put into it.
As an added bonus we make sure you get your package! We require proof of postage and tracking if available in your country. That’s right I said country, because we have plenty of international girls in our group who are eager to exchange gifts with you.
We also protect our girls, because along with the invite we ask that you provide us with a type of verification that you are a swapper (gift exchanger) in good standing.

So if you want to receive a package of love (polish,makeup,candies,nail tools and little things you collect etc) come and join us. We do not accept anyone using an alias sorry)

Lacquered with Love – join us!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday Party, and a special invitation!

  1. I’m so glad to be a part of this group, thanks to your efforts with Briana, we really “share” joy and sorrow besides our common interest in polish.. Love all of you!!! :) <3

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