New beginnings, with Starlite Polish

Hi Mermaids! Wow it has been a crazy year for me and I know I haven’t blogged in almost 7 months! Eeeek. Early in the year I was diagnosed with not one but TWO Auto Immune diseases, then at Easter my daddy passed away, and during that time I learned the meaning of fair weather friend :/  But as they say “when one door closes another one opens.” And it’s true, life goes on and I hate lemons so I’m not accepting any :) My dad is in heaven and no longer lost in the scary world of Parkinson’s and Dementia. My doctors and insurance are working together nicely, finally, to get me the best care available AND I made an amazing new friend.
Lindsey, just look at her cute little face, isn’t she cute as a bug?


She is the genius behind the new indie polish line named Starlite Polish. She is very talented at crafting also and builds the most beautiful doll houses!! I’ll ask her for some photos and show them off!

Today I am going to show you some polish from her new Fall line. Glorious colors that I don’t think I’ve done justice to. Today I will show you four, so come back this weekend and I will show you my two favorites!! Best for last don’t you know?

This is a duo of two polishes. A dreamy copper bronze with scattered holo called Autumn Sunrise and a dazzling topper she named Falling Leaves. They go so perfectly together I couldn’t resist pairing them up! It was cloudy today so I used my OttLite rather than natural sunlight and if it turns sunny I am going to take these two colors outside.



The next polish is Stormy Weather, a scattered holo in charcoal grey, it goes with so many of the new clothes I’ve seen in the Fall trends this year! In fact it looks gorgeous with the latest Ipsy bag now that I think of it 😀


Last (not really because of my two favorites this weekend!) is Fern. I had to narrow favorites down to just two of this would be in there also. It is so lovely and the holo sparkles so beautiful in the sun. I thought it looked perfect while holding this carved piece of natural jade we we’re given by a local Inuit family. Lindsey nailed (like that’s never a pun) nature’s
palette so well, these colors really take your breath away.



The formula was a dream and took just two coats. I think I could have gotten away with 3 on Fern but I couldn’t have asked for them to play nicer for me. I did use them without a base coat and there was no staining at all.

You can find Starlite Polish HERE, and their Facebook page HERE. Go like her page for me and then run over the store and grab these! You’ll want to go back later and grab the two I haven’t shown you yet. 😉 She also has a gorgeous duo chrome you won’t want to miss.

Until then, Tail Flip xxoo
Keep Swimming Keep Swimming <3