New beginnings, with Starlite Polish

Hi Mermaids! Wow it has been a crazy year for me and I know I haven’t blogged in almost 7 months! Eeeek. Early in the year I was diagnosed with not one but TWO Auto Immune diseases, then at Easter my daddy passed away, and during that time I learned the meaning of fair weather friend :/  But as they say “when one door closes another one opens.” And it’s true, life goes on and I hate lemons so I’m not accepting any :) My dad is in heaven and no longer lost in the scary world of Parkinson’s and Dementia. My doctors and insurance are working together nicely, finally, to get me the best care available AND I made an amazing new friend.
Lindsey, just look at her cute little face, isn’t she cute as a bug?


She is the genius behind the new indie polish line named Starlite Polish. She is very talented at crafting also and builds the most beautiful doll houses!! I’ll ask her for some photos and show them off!

Today I am going to show you some polish from her new Fall line. Glorious colors that I don’t think I’ve done justice to. Today I will show you four, so come back this weekend and I will show you my two favorites!! Best for last don’t you know?

This is a duo of two polishes. A dreamy copper bronze with scattered holo called Autumn Sunrise and a dazzling topper she named Falling Leaves. They go so perfectly together I couldn’t resist pairing them up! It was cloudy today so I used my OttLite rather than natural sunlight and if it turns sunny I am going to take these two colors outside.



The next polish is Stormy Weather, a scattered holo in charcoal grey, it goes with so many of the new clothes I’ve seen in the Fall trends this year! In fact it looks gorgeous with the latest Ipsy bag now that I think of it 😀


Last (not really because of my two favorites this weekend!) is Fern. I had to narrow favorites down to just two of this would be in there also. It is so lovely and the holo sparkles so beautiful in the sun. I thought it looked perfect while holding this carved piece of natural jade we we’re given by a local Inuit family. Lindsey nailed (like that’s never a pun) nature’s
palette so well, these colors really take your breath away.



The formula was a dream and took just two coats. I think I could have gotten away with 3 on Fern but I couldn’t have asked for them to play nicer for me. I did use them without a base coat and there was no staining at all.

You can find Starlite Polish HERE, and their Facebook page HERE. Go like her page for me and then run over the store and grab these! You’ll want to go back later and grab the two I haven’t shown you yet. 😉 She also has a gorgeous duo chrome you won’t want to miss.

Until then, Tail Flip xxoo
Keep Swimming Keep Swimming <3

Literary Lacquers Group Custom “Some Glad Morning.”

Today I am blogging about a polish that is special to me for several reasons. Once again I’ve collaborated with Amy at Literary Lacquers and that alone is a good day! But! This time I requested a custom of my own. I am a teal to cyan girl all the way. Sky colors, marine colors, even angelic colors. (don’t you doubt me!) :p
When I get an image in my head of my mom she is singing the song “I’ll Fly Away.”
She sang me to sleep with it, she sang it in church and she sang it when she was feeling stressed. I never thought of it as a sad song, but a very happy one! When I visualize this song I see a bright beautiful cyan blue and I decided to name my polish “Some Glad Morning.”
In many versions of “I’ll Fly Away”, particularly my favorite which is this one by Alison Crouch, people tend to sing “Some bright morning” but the original hymn written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929 says “Some glad morning” and that is how I remember it being sang back as far as I can remember.

When Amy sent me a test shot of the polish I fell in love. I then posted a bottle shot in her fabulous group Literary (&) Lacquers and you can guess what happened! Everyone else fell in love with it too! At first I didn’t want to share it. I won’t lie, it was an entire sentimental process. My mom is getting old and I am 3,000 miles away, just thinking of her sometimes brings a tear to my eye. Before I moved from Missouri to Alaska I saw my mother at the very least every other day. We’d sit on her porch swing and talk, take a ride to Sonic and get a cherry slush, happy days.
But I knew that Amy had worked very hard on this, had rushed it through just for me and I knew my mama would want me to share. So we decided to make it a group custom. You can only buy this polish if you are a member of the group Literary (&) Lacquers, and I get a feeling it is going to triple in size real quick!
I am going to flood you with photos here in a sec but before I do I want to tell you a bit about the polish itself. When I first put it on I thought “This isn’t my polish, this is teal, and what a teal it is!” I can’t stop staring at it! I am obsessed with mermaids (duh) and this is the same color as you would imagine a mermaid’s tail to be! It flashes with linear glory in mere indoor lighting, it brazenly BRIGHT!
We had no sun today at all and as I took my photos I thought back to the photo of Amy’s nails in the group. She took one in full sun to show us what it looked like. So I opened the flash light on my camera and turned it on and pointed it at my nails. BAM! The color kicked up several shades to a bright cyan! I couldn’t believe it! This is the most beautiful polish that I have ever owned and I may never take it off! I am definitely sending one to my mama! And watch the blog because I’ll be giving one away!
Thank you Amy for your loyal friendship and your vast knowledge of polish, angels and Disney <3
And yes per usual, I am sure there is a cat hair somewhere in these photos LOL

tail flip!

20140222_135246 20140222_134906 20140222_134710 20140222_135210 20140222_135328 20140222_142657 20140222_143344 20140222_144003 20140222_144850 20140222_145137 20140222_145355 20140222_145813 20140222_151042 20140222_151156 20140222_152438 20140222_155029 20140222_154143 20140222_152615Be sure to share this post with your friends so that they don’t miss out on this awesome polish! :)

Frank from Sweden!!

Hello my gorgeous little starfishies!!

I am sorry for my absence but the reason is boring so onward we go :)
Today I am featuring a beautiful franken sent to me by my friend Camilla aka @bookpolish on IG. Go look her up and follow her, she has the most beautiful and “natural” nails I’ve ever seen. She made this lovely polish to send me in a swap and I won’t tell you what else she sent me because you’d die of jealousy, or come rob me. haha I’ve named the polish Katydid Dance. It has the most beautiful pink shimmer that I just couldn’t catch with my lens and that’s a shame!
20140126_171430 While sharing these I just want to say how excited I am about all of the Facebook fans I’ve gained this week through NailNation3000 and I definitely intend to keep spreading the love around after the contest is over. I am thinking of making it a weekly thing maybe on Wednesdays and call it Blog Hug Wednesdays because who doesn’t need a hug by then hmm? CYMERA_20140126_174757Also I think as soon as we have reached 1,000 here at the lagoon we should do a contest because that is a huge milestone, so contest and giveaway party time then eh?!
Notice how my ring finger nail and pinkie nail are wanting to grow to the right? And even though the cuticle pen says Obey Your Body they aren’t listening? Ugh. Maybe I will rubber band them the way people do plants LOL

20140126_180225I really like this shot I am trying to get better at macro shots and wow you see every single flaw in them don’t you? I am also getting these stubborn strips of nail that want to grow down in the groove on each side? Driving me batty as it looks like I did a shoddy job of clean up but nope my nail is just weird 😀
20140126_171804I think the polish matches really well with the little turtle on my coffee cup from Hawaii don’t you?

20140126_180031Be sure and hit me up on IG @themanicuredmermaid and especially on Blog Lovin’!

Until next time
Tail Flip!! xxoo


Pardon me while I freak out over the complete and utterly maddening random length of my nails! I have three lengths right now, at least in a row so that my fingers look like organ pipes LOL I need to decide whether to cut them or just post them as they are and go “Hey here they are I’m human and my nails are shitty right now!” LOL

In the meantime enjoy a post over at A Girl and Her Helmer about a Christmas gift I sent her :) She is far far too kind!

Who has Moxie?

Goodnight Moon on 2013 favorites list

The Manicured Mermaid would like to thank for choosing Goodnight Moon as one of her favorite nail polishes of 2013. I was giddy to see that! Thank you so much for loving the polish that I came up with and was made by Amy. To see that Literary Lacquers had more than one polish on that list was even more awesome. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was on my 2013 favorites list also :)

You can read the entire review here:

It’s a Birthday Party, and a special invitation!


OUR group Lacquered with Love is ONE year old!! As you know mothers are PROUD of their babies FIRST birthday and we are no less proud of ours. Just like one year old’s we fall down and then get back up, we laugh, we cry, and we chat, A LOT! We are not your average swapping group where you will get stuff from the Dollar Store! We don’t even call it a swap, we call it a “gift exchange” and when you receive a package from one of our ladies it will have some thought as well as love put into it.
As an added bonus we make sure you get your package! We require proof of postage and tracking if available in your country. That’s right I said country, because we have plenty of international girls in our group who are eager to exchange gifts with you.
We also protect our girls, because along with the invite we ask that you provide us with a type of verification that you are a swapper (gift exchanger) in good standing.

So if you want to receive a package of love (polish,makeup,candies,nail tools and little things you collect etc) come and join us. We do not accept anyone using an alias sorry)

Lacquered with Love – join us!

Literary Laquers and Goodnight Moon giveaway!!


Hello my little starfish!!
On Sunday I did a guest blog post for my super good friend Ci over at the lovely blog she shares with her also amazing friend Pri. Check it out here! Please go over and follow them, you won’t regret it! Ci’s nails are perfection and her photo’s are as well.

Since my blog post was about Goodnight Moon you can hop on over there and read it and then come back here and try to win the bottle I’m giving away! I’m sure everyone knows about Amy’s gorgeous Community Collection and as Goodnight Moon is the polish we lovingly collaborated on she was generous enough to not only give me my own bottle, but one to give away! Let’s get started!

20131205_00424120131205_000946 20131205_002706a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo

We have winners!

Rebecca Hill and Emily Leemans you have won the giveaway here on The Manicured Mermaid! !!
Please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize!  You can contact me via The Manicured Mermaid Facebook page.
And Maegan Moran you’ve won the prize over at Posh Nail Art lucky you!

Watch this week for a new giveaway of my collaboration polish Goodnight Moon made by the lovely Amy at Literary Lacquers! !

Nabi Green and Nubbies eeeek

Hello my little Starfish!

Today my intent was to show you Bunnies are Evil by the Aussie brand MckFresh but Holidays are a busy time and why is that? No rest for the wicked?
I was already sporting one silk wrap as a result of catching my nail on the van door, and then just a few days later, SNAP!! The silk wrap attempt on that one was a major FAIL!
Something akin to a mummy finger with polish on the nail, ugh. I picked up the clippers and murdered, I mean fixed my poor nails. So now I am sporting, well, almost nubbies!

So while I am getting through this busy weekend and waiting for the chance to pretty up these little nails with Bunnies are Evil, I will share this gorgeous Nabi green with you.

20131114_161717I had seen Nabi around but I thought surely they couldn’t be that awesome since they were so cheap. Boy was I wrong! Granted they aren’t as beautiful as a heavy linear polish but you can get some amazing rainbow out of these.

20131114_16183620131114_162329Pick one up and let me know what you think! I know I am going back for more colors!
Have a great weekend and good luck in the giveaway!

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo

Sephora Formula X Shifter Grandiose

Hi dear readers! I have been really under the weather lately and at such a bad time too!
So before I start be sure to run over and give some love to my girl Aylin at Posh Nail Art and show her some love! Also check the post before this one for an awesome giveaway that is almost over!

Today I have a gorgeous polish for you to run and buy, especially if you love shifters or duochromes the way that I do. I do love my holo’s but duo’s are still my first love, I suppose because they are so unpredictable like me. LOL
When I first heard about these to be truthful I wasn’t overly excited because I’ve never really been a fan of Sephora by OPI. But I was at the Mall with my son and I saw Sephora calling to me like a beacon “Coooooome, spend moneyyyyyy.” LOL And I was lured in like a wide eyed child.

I do love my makeup honey child, but you know I went straight to those shiny new bottles! Speaking of the bottle…….I don’t know, do they seem to have the need to have a weird shaped bottle or what?  Give me a normal bottle already that fits in with my others, not a round fat one, or an hour glass shaped one and this tombstone bottle?
I have a dear friend who wouldn’t even buy their polish in the bottles previous to these, we girls want what we want right?

I first looked at their holographics, they aren’t anything to write home about but they do have a nice linear holo in them. In my opinion not worth the $12.50 when so many indie makers are putting out holo’s that will make you weep for $10!

I ended up with Grandiose to bring home and try. It is a rose and bronze metallic and I normally would have went for Iconic which is a green and copper metallic but I have a lot of green duochromes so here is Grandiose……………….

20131102_170104I am in LOVE! Twitterpated is a good word here. This formula was so nice to work with and the brush is perfect for pushing these metallic pigments around smoothly. But the shift OH the shift! It is almost fluid they way it moves. I live in Alaska and the way this shifts reminds me of the Northern Lights, not in color of course but in movement. Behold in these next photos, the dance of Grandiose! I WILL be going back to snag Iconic and Infamous ASAP!

20131101_233831In some of these photos you can see on my index finger some bubbles. These were not the fault of the polish but of my doing. I’d had bubbles for the first time in the last of my three manicures and I was about to scream over it when I finally figured out it was my ceiling fan! Argh, there are many reasons for bubbles and not knowing the cause will drive a girl nuts!

20131101_234240My favorite photo by far. Look at the dance! I love the placement of the shift here on the ring, middle finger and thumb! Do a jig with me!! LOL :p

20131102_002352Candied ginger anyone? I was eating it in the car on the way home when I realized how pretty it was next to my nails. I love color so much!

20131102_00252920131101_234037Which photo was your favorite? Just a few things before I go……………..
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
Stop back by in a few days for some swatches of Bunnies Are Evil by MckFresh a lovely Aussie polish creator. And the name makes me laugh my ass off. HA!
And keep an eye out for swatches of my collaboration polish with Amy from Literary Lacquers called Goodnight Moon, along with some swatches of the rest of the Community Collection she just released that is jaw dropping.

Tail flip! :)
The Manicured Mermaid
Tami xoxo